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Thank you so much. I passed my calculus class because of this. -Regarding transcendental functions video.

Excellent! I got it very well! -Regarding integration technique video.

Thank you for posting this. As a self-taught home school student, these videos are very helpful. -Regarding integration technique video.

Excellent! -Regarding angle between curves video.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! -Regarding reduction formula method video.

Thank you this helped me so much. -Regarding calculus limits video.

You're my hero. -Regarding related rates video.

Thank you so much for the proofs. Why study math from books at such a superficial level?

THANK YOU!!!! This was amazing. - Regarding angles between curves video.

Why aren't more people watching these excellent videos? They are well organized. Thanks again!


The complex made simple again! Thanks so very much!!!!!!!!!!! - Regarding gamma integral function.

Thanks! Very good. - Regarding triple integration video.

Yes he explained in a way that something so complicated like the gamma function is so simple. 

NICE - Regarding integration technique video.

Thank you so much life saver :) - Regarding reduction formula for integration video.

The last solution is quite elegant thanks - Regarding calculus limits video.

Thank you so much, I had a really hard time understanding this in my class, after watching your video, no problem whatsoever :) - Regarding Beta functions video.

Very Easy to Understand Video,Haven't touched this stuff since 1982. Nice Job Here,Thanks!!! - Regarding calculus limits video. 

I appreciate your time for making these videos. - Regarding gamma function identity video.


Excellent Explanation! Thank you. - Regarding Line Integrals & Exact Differentials Video.

THANK YOU - Regarding vectors identities with Del operator video.

Very intuitive I like it. -Regarding divergence theorem video.

Nice video thanks for posting it. -Regarding superpowerful vector identities technique video.

Thank you so much. I've watched several of your videos and they have been a huge help. -Regarding Green's theorem video.

Superpowerful indeed! -Regarding vector curl of the curl gradient video.

Excellent videos, it's helping me digest the Navier-Stokes Equations which govern fluid flow. Thanks! -Regarding divergence theorem video.

Making complex concepts simple has been awesome - Regarding vector form of Green's theorem video.

That was real neat. - Regarding Green's theorem video.

Reinforcement technique greatly enhances my understanding of these concepts. Well worth the time. - Regarding Stokes' theorem video.

Thank you. It was of great help. - Regarding super-powerful vector identity video.

Nice. That was so nice that I almost cried. - Regarding proof of divergence theorem video.

Thank you very much sir. You've made the concept of gradient and Del crystal clear for me.

Great explanation - continue this sort of great work. It has been great help. I hope you would add more examples relating to the theorems. - Regarding directional derivative video.

Thank you very much. All the help you have provided was great.

You have done a great job. You really are a great teacher! great explanation and build up! amazing methodology! simply superb! Keep on doing good work. I look forward to your videos on group theory and green's functions! - Regarding curl of the curl identity video.

I can't thank you enough for these videos !! Such a big afford ! You should receive a medal or something, or at least a big amount of money. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! - Regarding super powerful vector identity video.


Good videos - very informative.

Really great video.

Your videos are really good.

I sometimes get mixed up in tensor analysis. This is a great series to clear things up.

Thank you so much any idea when the new videos will come out?

These are really great lectures. For the first time I have easy to follow lectures on tensors.

Great work. Sensational presentation. -Regarding metric tensor video.

Great video, nice and thorough explanations! I've been looking for something like this for a long time.- Regarding Christoffel Symbols video.

Great series. Most math videos just present the material you actually teach it.

Your videos are excellent and really help me along with my Fluid Dynamics course. 

Excelente! -Regarding cross product identity video. 

Great video, nice and thorough explanations! - Regarding Christoffel Symbols video.

Thank you so much. I very appreciate this video. - Regarding contravariant & covariant tensor components video.

A little disappointed that there are no more videos on this, at least for the time being,but thanks a lot. Very informative and detailed.Regards. - Regarding covariant differentiation video.  

Wow!!!!!!!! This is the most amazing and productive class I've ever been in!!!!!! Thanks a lot Digital University. Keep posting.  

You are to me what Grossmann must have been to Einstein. - Regarding Christoffel symbols & cylindrical coordinates video.

Thank you sir for these videos.

Really clear! I am glad you did this. Thanks. - Regarding presentation of covariant & contravariant tensors video.

Amazing video, thank you! - Regarding metric tensors video.  

Thanks for this amazing video series. Appreciate a lot. 

Very nice series of videos!! I love it!! Well done! 

Thanks for this amazing video series. Appreciate a lot. - Regarding covariant differentiation of tensors video.

Thank you Sir, for providing the world with such great videos. They are fantastic! Every day, I learn one of them and make notes in a tiny book!! - Regarding mixed tensors video.

Thank you very much for your neat presentation!  I and my friends really appreciate your effort. - Regarding Christoffel Symbol & Metric Tensors

Good!! - Regarding Contravariant & Covariant Tensors Video.

These are without question some of the very best lessons on the web -you are an outstanding teacher. You deserve an award because these lessons are clear, perfectly taught and your knowledge and teaching style allow you to concisely explain difficult topics. Thank you.  - Regarding mixed tensors video.

A wonderful video. Great tutorial - Regarding raising & lowering indexes for metric tensors video.


Very useful. Thanks. -Regarding inverse LaPlace transformation technique video.

Thanks! Helped me refresh working differential equations.

Wish I watched this video earlier. Thanks for the help. -Regarding LaPlace transform technique.

Thank you very much I have a differential equations test next week.

I was getting frustrated and was close to giving up. Thanks to you I have made progress. Thank you sir. -Regarding LaPlace transformation technique video.

Awesome video, the sound should be a bit clearer but all in all awesome video! - Regarding inverse LaPlace transform video.

Thank you very much for the video. - Regarding unit step function video.

Thank you sir, this has been a great help. - Regarding scaling property of Dirac delta function video.


These videos are great, overall. -Regarding time evolution of operators video.

Great videos, great help! Thanks!

You have a talent for making an abstract subject manageable. -Regarding unitary operator video.

You're the best. -Regarding operator multiplication video.

Thank you. You really cleared up something I was unsure of in lecture today. -Regarding identity operator video presentation.

Very high quality content and clear explanations. This is proving to be very helpful. -Regarding Hermetian properties of momentum operator video.

Outstanding, this is a great tutorial! Thank you. -Regarding Dirac normalization of momentum eigenfunctions video.

That was really neat. - Regarding adjoint of operator video.

Thank you so much! Your tutorial really clarified this concept for me.- Regarding Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors Of Hermetian Operators Video.

Excellent! Thank you very much. - Regarding Creation & Annihilation Operators Video.

PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS!! These are the best videos I have stumbled upon! :D - Regarding creation and annihilation operators video.

Thanks for this excellent review of key concepts without it i don't think i would have passed my physics exam. - Regarding Dirac normalization video. 

Thank you. These lectures are very helpful. - Regarding position operator video. 

This series on quantum mechanics is great! You're explaining every topic being taught at my upper division quantum mechanics course clearly and concisely. Thank you for making these! - Regarding time evolution of momentum operator video.

This is the best presentation of operators as matrices I have seen so far. It makes complete sense now.

You are the Greatest Teacher on YouTube, I appreciate all your help. Great Explanation, perfect approach. Keep it up.

This series of videos cleared up a lot of stuff for me, it's a pretty confusing subject when the maths is bought forward and seeing it written down like this gave me time to understand how the maths works with the ideas in a way that the lectures were never able to do.

Great video. - Regarding Dirac normalization of momentum eigenfunctions video.

What did you do in life that you know all this crazy math and physics? - Regarding identity operator in quantum mechanics video.

I have never seen such a helpful and easily understandable tutorial so far.I greatly appreciate the way you have taught and it will make further learning easier for everyone.I hope you will keep creating such nice videos to benefit humanity.You're the best!!!  -Regarding Operator/Matrix Multiplication Video.


This is excellent. Thank you sir. -Regarding matrix inversion video.


Very nice! -Regarding matrix inversion video.

Excellent video, good clear explanation.

God Bless you this video is outstanding. 

Your matrix videos are super clear and helpful. I'd wish you'd teach at my school. Thank you! 

Thanks for your video it really helped me.

You are the best teacher! I like the way you break it down. Clear to understand thanks. -Regarding matrix diagonalization video. 

Thank you so much for this. -Regarding eigenvalues & eigenvectors video presentation.


You make so much more sense than my professor at Auburn University. Thanks a lot.

Thank you so much. Very helpful video and explained very well!

Wow, thanks. Helped me a lot.

Very Excellent! The pace of your presentation allows one to stay up with the material while giving time to ponder the meanings--thank you so much. - Regarding matrix inversion video.

Wow that was great...thanx mahn!!! - Regarding Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors Video

I'm saved thanks. -Regarding matrix diagonalization video.

Awesome video thanks so much! - Regarding row space & column space video.

Thank you that was great! - Regarding matrix null space video.

You are amazing I thank you for the thorough explanation ...the pace of the video was perfect and very well simplified :D - Regarding lead & free variables video.

I've been searching youtube videos for hours. This is the only one that made sense to me. I think I will have a very successful school year because of this individual...:). I'm very happy at the moment. - Regarding matrix diagonalization video.

Thank you, your videos go a long way when doing exam prep or when I don't understand something done in class. 

Thanks very much for the video, I now understand how to solve for Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors.

OMG THANK U SOOOO MUCH - Regarding Diagonalization Of Matrices Video

Great videos on Linear algebra, just amazing, Thanks a lot.




You sir are a genius of explaining theory in an interesting and intuitive way, actually learned more from your videos than 3 year bachelor degree in automation-engineering. - Regarding introduction to phasors video.

Well done. This is perfect. Thank you. - Regarding mesh current analysis video.

I appreciate your work.

What a beautiful lesson!

I've been looking for this kind of lecture. Your videos are a huge help.

I got a lot of knowledge from your videos. Continue it.

Thanks for bringing such great information.

Thank you so much you are the *only* source I've been able to

find that explains how to obtain the third mesh equation for the


I love this guy. I'm still your greatest fan.

This has been a great review for my college course. Thank you very much.

Great, makes me understand more than in class. Love it.

Hello! Thank you so much for putting up videos like this. It helped me review for an exam.

GREAT !!! - Regarding format approach for nodal analysis video.

This is more efficient than people standing before large blackboards and writing crap.

You surely are a GREAT TEACHER!!! Thanks for the valuable help. I was ready to quit my studies and give up because of inadequate textbooks and teachers.

Thank you so much! Please keep teaching like that! Thank you again.

Well explained. Nice amount of repetition. 

I looooooooovee u for SAVING MEEEEEE :) - Regarding mesh analysis video.

You are truly ultimate. - Regarding Norton & Thevenin circuits.

Thanks for posting these videos. This is a great supplement for me.

Thank you you have just taught me more in 30 mins than 2 weeks of lectures. I can understand it a lot better now. - Regarding nodal analysis video.

Your videos are really good keep it up. - Regarding super mesh currents video.

Awesome example; you are very clear and easy to follow. - Regarding bridge circuits video. 

Excellent, thank you very much for this video. It has helped a lot. - Regarding Nodal Analysis Video

This is a great group of videos I intend to watch them all in preparation for my PE exam. Thanks again for taking the time to post the videos.

Thanks you let me pass my test :D - Regarding Norton & Thevenin equivalent circuits video.

You Are The Best Teacher... Student from Southern Polytechnic State University. - Regarding superposition technique video.

I've come to the conclusion that after 3 videos of mesh and nodal analysis that you are far more effective then my TA's and Professors Lectures when it comes to learning... Thank You! - Regarding mesh current analysis video.

This guy is good. - Regarding inductor growth transients video.


I hope you keep that series of videos on Analytical Mechanics. I am following it with great interest.

Excellent! Thank you! – Regarding natural harmonic frequency vibrations video. 

Finally I understand this scary equation. – Regarding derivation of Euler-Lagrange equation.

Concepts difficult for me are falling into place. - Regarding harmonic motion video.

Great video, exactly what I needed. Thanks - Regarding angular momentum video. 

I wait for more of videos . They are fantastic . - Regarding rotational kinetic energy video.

I like your videos. Very thorough. Thank you. - Regarding Euler equations video.

Thank you very much for this tutorial. Very useful!! - Regarding calculus of variations video.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My mechanics lecturer has no idea whats potting.

These videos are great. Very careful and detailed explanation. Please, continue doing them. - Regarding Conical Pendulum & Angular Momentum Analysis Video.


Great Stuff. - Regarding square wave expansion video.

The lecture was concise. I do appreciate the videos. - Regarding Fourier expansion of functions video.

It's a nice video. Thanks so much. - Regarding full wave rectifier expansion video.

Excellent. - Regarding sinc function video.

A fantastic video. Cheers. - Regarding expansion of saw tooth function. 

Thank you, your lectures are really helpful.

Fantastic these two videos on how to get to the exponential form of the Fourier series. Thank you very much! Could you do some videos about the Fourier transform?

Thank you a lot. You just made me understand my homework - Regarding Exponential Form Of Fourier Expansion Video


Good! -Regarding permutations and combinations video.

Very Helpful! Greatly appreciated! -Regarding generating functions video.

Thanks for the explanation. I understand it now. Thanks again.

-Regarding Bernoulli probability video.


Great video! Helped me out a lot! - Regarding Taylor series & binomial expansion video.

Thank you so much for this everything is perfectly explained. Wish I had this before I had to write my my mid-term. -Regarding generating functions video.

Very good video tutorials.

Great video, thanks. - Regarding Bernoulli trials video.

You are doing a great job. I wish to learn applied statistics, please help me achieve that. Thanks for the wonderful videos.

I would like to guarantee that your video really helped me! I am an engineering student in South Africa! Thank you!

Thank you so much for this. Everything is perfectly explained. Wish I had this

 before I had to write my mid-term.

These videos just saved my life. I was so lost til I watched them.

Thanks for video!! This really explains what my book complicates. So much in such little time. I love it!

Thanks for sharing that kind of knowledge.

Thank you so much! You are one of the greatest teachers on YouTube. Seriously.

Thank you very much. I have seen already about 20 of your videos and they are

wonderful. Great job! You are a great educator.

Thank you so much! this definitely helped me! - Regarding coefficients of ordinary generating functions.

Thanks a lot........better have you,than my useless school teacher. - Regarding negative binomial coefficients video.

Thanks. it really help in Pre Cal high school - Regarding probability problem solved with simple combinations.

He talks slow (and I am in a rush because I'm cramming), but it's totally worth it. My book explanation sucked, and this explained it perfectly. Thank you. - Regarding Bernoulli trials video.

Great videos, thanks - Regarding generating functions.   

You are awesome. - Regarding solving probability problem with combinations.

Thanks appreciate very nice videos, very helpful!

I have to say just another important concept you have made elegantly thank you. - Regarding permutation formula video.

Great job. I'm a junior in college studying electrical engineering. I want to get my physics minor and I am taking a statistics in physics class right now. You made things completely clear. - Regarding Fermi-Dirac statistics video.

Thanks, that was great! You really explain things clearly, very nice to see where these formulas come from in such an intuitive way! - Regarding Bernoulli Trials Video.


Digital University also features Special Reports of fascinating, curious, unexplained and anomalous phenomena that have been gleaned from hundreds of scientific & medical journals and news sources. The reports are organized into four categories:


Unusual Phenomena


Strange Biology


Archeology & Ancient Mysteries


Planetary Sciences & Earth Mysteries


The voluminous information in these reports comes from articles in the New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Journal of Geophysical Research and hundreds more. The content is frequently expanded and updated. New categories are being prepared.


Most Popular Reports


Strange acoustics of megalithic structures. Report #15 Archaeology and Ancient Mysteries


Tracking ancient migrations with mummy viruses. Report #18 Archeology and Ancient Mysteries


Cosmic clocks and the mystery of Chaco Canyon. Report # 9 Planetary Sciences & Earth Mysteries


Africa’s Exploding Lakes. Report #14 Planetary Sciences & Earth Mysteries


Fatal Lightning Strike. Report #1 Unusual Phenomena


Horse stuck in tree. Report # 13 Unusual Phenomena


Youth struck by meteorite. Report #24 Unusual Phenomena


Winged Cats. Report #2 Strange Biology


Killer Trees Communicate. Report #15 Strange Biology    



A network of whistleblowers working together with members of Congress and the General Counsels Office have provided extensive documentation including secret IRS documents never before revealed to the public, FBI documents , emails and memoranda, autopsy and toxicology findings, court documents and crime scene photographs that portray  horrific crimes committed by federal agents as well as orchestrated cover-ups. The evidence will be considered on a case-by-case presentation.


Senator Orrin Hatch vows not to let Justice Department  cover-up
the bloody Trentadue Murder

YouTube Video

Ron Paul comments on former political prisoner Congressman George Hansen

Digital University on Infowars

YouTube Video

Digital University on Infowars

YouTube Video

Digital University on Infowars 50:00 - 1:30 Minutes

Pastor Kent Hovind Case


Over 10 years in the making, The Body Revolution is being developed with break-through results that unlock the secrets of aging. In late Fall 2010 scientists at Harvard Medical School made a stunning announcement claiming to have reversed the aging process in mice.

The study's leading author states: 

We witnessed a dramatic reversal in the signs and symptoms of aging. ... This is the first time that a very severely aged, degenerative state, equivalent to what you might see in somebody who's in the eighth or ninth decade of life, has been reversed.


Telomerase reactivation reverses tissue degeneration in aged telomerase-deficient miceNature: 469, 102–106 (1/06/2011)

Scientists are now working on applying these exciting research results to humans.

Scientists at the National Primate Center have dramatically slowed down aging with an all natural regimen in non-human primates.                       

These elderly monkeys are the same age. Photos: BBC News

 Digital University is collating and coordinating the research results of medical institutions from around the world. Major developments regarding recent advances in humans will soon be announced. 

This medical video dramatically exposes America's Number One Killer.

YouTube Video

What is shown in this video can be prevented. It can also be REVERSED with a medically-proven paradigm that requires no drugs, pills, statins or surgery. The Body Revolution will show you how.